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Sedation Dentistry in Oregon & SW Washington

Having anxiety about your dental appointment is more common than you might imagine. When patients call our office for an initial appointment, many of them express that they have stayed away from the dentist for longer than they should have simply because of the stress associated with their visits.

We can help.

Our caring and compassionate team puts most patients at ease right away. If you need a little help feeling comfortable during your procedure, we offer a number of solutions for a completely stress-free experience.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation – Our Mildest Form of Sedation

For nervous patients, nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas, provides a safe and convenient way to have the dentistry you need. Nitrous oxide is an inhaled analgesic (painkiller) that enters the system quickly and increases a sense of calm.

It also leaves the system quickly, making it possible for you to drive home from your appointment.

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Is Nitrous Oxide Sedation Safe?

Nitrous oxide is extremely safe for most patients – even kids. We will ask you about your medical history to ensure your safety and determine that it will work well for you.

Oral Sedation Dentistry – Prescription Medication to Help You Relax

If nitrous oxide does not provide the type of relief you are looking for, we offer oral conscious sedation. Dr. Seth Huish will perform a complete medical history to rule out any potential drug interactions.

Oral sedation not only relaxes you, it may even make you feel dreamy so that you forget much of your appointment. Since it is a medication, the level of sedation will depend on how you metabolize the sedation medication. Many patients report having little to no memory of their appointments, and some even fall asleep in the chair.

We will monitor your blood pressure and oxygen throughout your appointment, and a member of our team will be with you every step of the way. You will need a ride to and from your dental appointment for your safety.

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Is Oral Conscious Sedation Right for Me?

Oral sedation works well for the following situations:

  • Patients with moderate dental anxiety
  • Patients with lengthy treatment appointments
  • Patients who suffer from a strong gag reflex
  • Patients with medical issues that make it difficult to sit still

The effects of sedation should start to wear off after your appointment, but you should avoid making plans for the rest of the day. Just rest and relax.

IV Sedation – Our Most Powerful Form of Sedation

For patients with significant dental fears, IV sedation allows us to control the level of sedation you have throughout treatment. Like oral sedation, you will need someone to take you to and from your appointment.

If you have an all-day or half-day treatment scheduled or you would like to enjoy a deeply relaxed dental appointment, this might be the best option for you.

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Dr. Angela Low - Roots Dental

Meet Dr. Angela Low DDS

General Dentist

Born and raised in the Bay Area of Northern California, Dr. Low earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from University of the Pacific in San Francisco. Following graduation, she moved to Portland to further her training by completing a General Practice Residency at Oregon Health and Science University. At OHSU Hospital, Dr. Low’s training focused on dental extractions, removable dentures, and restorative work. 

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Don’t let a fear of the dentist keep you from having good oral health. Sedation dentistry makes it possible for even the most fearful patients to have the care they need to stay healthy and comfortable.

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