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Relieve your toothache with root canal therapy

Are you suffering from persistent tooth pain? Don’t ignore it. Toothaches are often the initial indication that you may require a root canal. Root canal therapy is designed to eradicate infection from within the tooth, addressing the root cause of your pain.

If you’re experiencing discomfort, reach out right away ⏤ we can handle emergencies. Trust our Portland root canal dentists to not only preserve your natural tooth but also to provide relief from your discomfort. Plus, we offer various sedation options to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure.

Signs you may need a root canal

Tooth pain isn’t the only indicator of needing a root canal. Look out for these signs:

  • Sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Pressure sensations
  • Swelling or inflammation
  • Jaw or facial discomfort
  • Discoloration of the affected tooth
  • Small lesions on the gums

Ignoring these symptoms may exacerbate the issue. Schedule an appointment at Roots Dental for a thorough assessment.

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Benefits of root canal treatment

Relief from Pain

Say goodbye to the excruciating pain caused by infected or inflamed tooth pulp. Root canal treatment offers immediate relief from discomfort.

Preservation of Natural Teeth

Keep your natural tooth intact. Maintaining your original tooth is crucial for proper chewing function and prevents adjacent teeth from shifting, preserving your smile’s alignment.

Enhanced Oral Health

Root canal therapy removes infected tissue and seals the tooth, halting the spread of infection to neighboring teeth and the jawbone.

Aesthetic Enhancement

Following treatment, a dental crown is often placed on the restored tooth. This strengthens the tooth and enhances its appearance, ensuring a seamless blend with your natural smile.

Our patients say it best

“The staff is great! I appreciate their professionalism, as well as how they put you at ease during the entirety of the visit.”


“This Dentist took me in last minute to extract a tooth. They are very polite and a very caring team. This is absolutely the best Dentist in Portland, OR I have ever been to. He was very gentle also I felt no pain at all.”


“I am so glad this new dental office showed up down the street from me. After years of bad dental experiences, Dr. Jacqueline Gambee has made a lifelong client.”


Payment options for your treatment

We accept most PPO insurance plans and are in-network with leading providers, including Moda, MetLife, Aetna, ODS, Delta Dental, and Guardian.

Flexible Payment Options

Explore our convenient payment methods, including cash, credit cards, and CareCredit, to make your root canal treatment accessible and affordable.

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