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Roots Dental - Powell Dental Hygienist

Tiffany is a born and raised native Portlander. Outside of the dental office you can usually find Tiffany attending outdoor concerts or you can often find her meditating to help reground herself. If you were to ask Tiffany what her favorite part about being a Hygienist is she would say,

“I find it so rewarding being able to build relationships with my local community and having the chance to educate my patients about their oral health”

Aside from dentistry, she is also a dedicated dog mom to her beautiful black lab, Luna.

Finish the Sentence with Tiffany:

If I had a one-way ticket anywhere in the world, I would go to… Tokyo, Japan

If you could write a book, what genre would you write it in… Romance, comedy, drama, enlightenment, and/or self-discovery

If I wasn’t a dental professional, I would be… an astronaut