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Roots Dental - Gresham Dental Assistant

Ruben was born and raised in Portland Oregon. He is the second oldest to 3 siblings, two brothers and one sister. Ruben outside of the dental office likes to play soccer and play video games. He got into dentistry and attended Carrington with his cousin as they both became dental assistants. He is excited to grow his knowledge and skills with Dr.Kaufman at Roots Dental. 

Fun Fact: Ruben was once stung by a scorpion when visiting Mexico. 

“Finish the Sentence” with “Ruben”

If I was stuck on an island for a year and could only listen to 3 musicians, they would be…  ASAP Rocky, Lil Baby and Zexta Alianza

If I could remake any movie and star in it, it would be… Space Jam
If  I could have dinner with anyone in the world regardless if they are dead or alive it would be…… ASAP Rocky