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Dr. Clark Brinton and Dr. Seth Huish

Will my dental procedure hurt?

Man at dentist | Portnald OR Sedation Dentist One of the concerns that our patients talk to us about is the memory of a painful dental procedure in the past that has created anxiety about future treatment. At Roots Dental, we make patient comfort a priority for all procedures – from the smallest filling to full-mouth reconstruction. Our dentists are highly skilled at delivering anesthetic in a way that causes minimal discomfort.

We use high-strength topical gel to numb the area before we numb your tooth. This results in a more comfortable overall experience. Next, we use the latest anesthetics to provide a comfortable experience. We administer the anesthetic and wait for it to take effect before we begin any procedure. Each patient is different, and we leave enough time for every patient to become completely numb before beginning any procedure.

If your tooth is not numb, we will not work on it. 

Types of Sedation Dentistry 

Sometimes having anxiety can prevent anesthetic from becoming fully effective. We can help with any anxiety you may have because we offer sedation dentistry in three different levels:

  • Nitrous oxide sedation
  • Oral conscious sedation
  • IV sedation

If you have had a history of dental anxiety or would like to learn more about how we provide gentle dentistry for our patients, please contact us.

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